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Necromolds Battle Box

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The Necromolds Battle Box includes everything you need to start playing Necromolds: Monster Battles. It includes 3 spellbooks, 2 caster rings, spell clay, and more!



Necromolds®: Monster Battles is a miniature wargame where two players create, battle, and smash their way toward victory to prove themselves the most powerful master of the Necromolds.

Ages: 9+ Players: 2* Playtime: 30-45 minutes

*Add more players with additional command dice sets and monster packs!

Additional Info

∎ Simple setup and rules

∎ Highly detailed clay monster models and illustrated components

∎ Basic Mode introduces young children to miniature wargaming

∎ Advanced Mode adds new strategies for older players

∎ Community-created rules and variants add replayability


What's inside the box?

∎1 Rulebook

∎ 1 Battle map

∎ 3 Necromolds spellbooks (Mud Mumps, Graveghoul, Insectomite)

∎ 6 shared-play cards

∎ 2 Caster rings (Skull Worm, Black Widow)

∎ 2 Spell clay (4oz each)

∎ 2 Distance tools

∎ 30 Gems

∎ 6 Terrian pieces

∎ 8 Command dice

∎12 Combat dice 


Game Design: Clint Bohaty

Artwork: Thad Stallmack II

Monster Models: Thomas Grave

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