Replacement Parts

We always want to know when a product arrives with a missing or broken part. That knowledge will help us prevent future quality check issues by reporting them to our manufacturing and fulfillment partners.


Necromolds' spellbooks are designed so that the monster molds can be removed and cleaned. There are four parts to a spellbook: the front cover, the front insert, the back cover, and the back insert. If a spellbook comes apart, carefully push the parts back together to reassemble it.

Caster Rings

Necromolds Caster Rings are created from two parts: the outer ring housing and the insert. If dropped, the insert may come loose and fall out. To reassemble, push the insert back into the ring housing fully. The ring housing and insert are keyed to fit together in a specific way.


If you received a product with missing or broken components. please fill out the form linked below.

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