The World of Necromolds

The Secret History

Long before the time of known human history, ancient wizards dominated the land, seas and stars. They battled with dark magic, sending armies of hapless peasants into never-ending wars. Throughout this near-eternal strife, none of these wizards would dare activate the power of the Necromolds—none, that is until Basalt LaSeur, the mad alchemist of Basalt Isle, added them to his fabled library.

Wary of being destroyed by the soul-draining power of these fearsome tomes, LaSeur fashioned a Ring of the Aethers enabling a mage to harness the Necromolds’ power without risking self-destruction. With this ring, he powered the tome’s hideous constructs with aetherial energies.

As infinite armies of Necromold golems marched against them, the wizards united to stop Laseur and finally overthrew him, capturing the rings he had used to harness the power of the forbidden tomes. The fearsome Necromold tomes disappeared while the rings found their ways across generations into cobwebbed attics, unvisited museums and dusty curio shops. Some, like the ring on my left finger, were valued family heirlooms.

The Present Era

Now the forgotten books have appeared again. Occultists race to find these mighty volumes and to acquire the rings that master their power. Soon the world will be the battlefield of these monstrous conjurations once again! Heaven help those who live in such a world.. or those who risk their very souls trying to harness the power of those gruesome war-tomes… the Necromolds!

More to be Revealed

This page is under construction! Check back later for a more in-depth look at the world of Necromolds!