What do I need to play Necromolds with 3 or 4 players?
What ring size is a Caster Ring™?
How can I clean my spellbooks?
My new product is missing a part, or a part arrived broken. What do I do?
How can I fix a plastic component that arrived warped?
What changes were made between the first and second printing?

Spellbook Monster Abilities

#2 Graveghoul | What does the magic ability do?
#3 Insectomite | What happens if two insectomites tie in melee combat?
#6 Batadactyl | What does the magic ability do?
#7 Mongeragon | Can I mold either model when building my army at the start of the game?
#7 Mongeragon | What does the unstable magic ability do?
#8 Fungix | What does the magic ability do?
#9 Petripod | What does the passive ability do?
#11 Sigurath | What does the magic ability do?
#12 Magmass | What does the magic ability do?
#13 Kracklings | Can the small Krackling perform a ranged attack?
#13 Kracklings | What does the magic ability do?
#14 Gorgoden | What does the passive ability do?
#15 Tormurack | What does the passive ability do?
#16 Blood Mump | What does the passive ability do?

Core Gameplay

Do I need to assign and/or perform commands from left to right on a spellbook?
Can I switch between performing two command dice?
What do I do with command dice assigned to a spellbook that no longer has monsters on the battle map?
Does the direction a monster is facing matter?
Can a spellbook be left empty for the round?
Do supporting monsters need to be the exact same support type?

Call to Arms Gameplay

Does the target of a soul special ability need to be in range of the friendly monster that was just smashed?
When do unique monster abilities resolve in combat? (i.e. Fungix, Blood Mump)
Can I perform a Necrocaster ability at the end of my turn?
When performing the MARCH ability, does the target friendly monster need to move the full close distance?
When performing Basalt LaSeur's LAST STAND, can I mold more than one monster if the spellbook includes more than one monster? (i.e. Mud Mumps)
When performing Remilda's FICKLE FATE ability, do I still include my champion die result in my roll results?
When performing Hirana's PRUNE ability, can I discard and roll new dice one at a time?
When performing Igneous's LAST STAND ability, can I reposition smashed clay?

Spell Clay

What ingredients are in Spell Clay™?
Is Spell Clay™ gluten-free?
Why is my Spell Clay™ sticky and too soft to remove from the mold?
What do I do when my Spell Clay™ begins to dry out?
Can I use other brands of clay?
Can I dry and paint the monsters?
Where can I buy more Spell Clay?

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