Press and Media

Thank you for your interest in sharing and covering Necromolds! Please check out our press kit link below for high quality photos, illustrations, and graphics. Be sure to also view our social channels for our latest gameplay photos.

Necromolds Press Kit

Interviews and Livestreams

I absolutely love doing interviews and livestreams with board game writers and reviewers. We can talk about Necromolds, board games, Kickstarter, you name it! I have access to high-quality audio and video streaming equipment. Please email me (Clint) directly at to set up a time to chat! Or you can reach out to me on any of our social channels.

Review Copies

If you'd like to request a review copy of Necromolds, please fill out the form below. We have a limited number of copies available for reviewers. If we're unable to provide a review copy at this time, we'll still keep your contact information for future print runs and releases!

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