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Necromolds Monster Pack 2: Batadactyl and Mongeragon

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Build new terrifying armies by adding Batadactyl and Mongeragon to your collection of evil spellbooks!

∎ Storm your opponents with deadly speed using a horror of bestial bat and basaltic gargoyle - the dreaded and corrupt Batadactyl!

∎ Survive the smash and annoy your adversaries with Mongeragon - a treasure hoard that keeps coming back to the battle!



What's inside the box?

∎ Batadactyl Necromolds Spellbook

∎ Mongeragon Necromolds Spellbook

∎ 2 Batadactyl shared-play cards

∎ 2 Mongeragon shared-play cards

∎ 1 container of Spell Clay (red)

∎ 1 Mystery Ring Pack*

*Collect all 20! See Mystery Ring Pack for more details.


Game Design: Clint Bohaty

Illustration: Thad Stalmack II

Monster Models: Thomas Grave

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